IMMOBILIARE BARDOLINO S.A.S. | Piazza Statuto 16 | 37011 Bardolino (Verona) - Lake Garda
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Villa delle Rose (villa privata), Bardolino (Verona)


Since 1972

of Alessandro Schiavon and C.

Pat. n. 1066 C.C.I.A.A. Verona

Real Estate for Lake Garda

Immobiliare Bardolino covers all of the south-east Garda Lake panorama, comprehending the towns of Lazise, Garda, Bardolino, Torri del Benaco and Albisano.

We are specialized in intermediation and sale of prestigious pieces of real estate since 1972, with many Italian and German costumers.

The beauty of Garda Lake and the close frontiers to Austria and Germany, are the reasons why demand for real estate is high and offer very limited.

We are nevertheless able to manage and propose valid solution, thanks to our 40 years experience.

Our office, situated in the old centre of Bardolino, offers full client support, technical and legal assistance, to make sure all operations are legitimate as a guarantee either for buyer and seller.

Feel free to call and ask help for whatever concerns our business such as:

  • sales
  • rents
  • estates and consults
  • insurances
  • furnishing
  • paperwork
  • restoration, rebuilding

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